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Happy Birthday RIP Margaret “Dorothy” Comingore(1913–1971) Millicent “Penny” Edwards(1928–1998) ; Ronee Blakley–71 Anne Archer–69 Stephen Fry–59 Steven Guttenberg–58 Craig Kilborn–54 Marlee Matlin–51 David Chappelle–43 Simon “James” D’Arcy–41 Chad Michael Murray–35 Rupert Grint–28 ; 1891 – Thomas Edison patents the motion picture camera ; 1949 – The treaty creating the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) goes into effect

Happy Birthday RIP Eugene Kelly(1912–1996) Edgar “Ted” Codd(1923–2003) River Phoenix(Bottom 1970–1993) ; Vera “Miles” Ralston–87 Barbara “Eden” Moorhead–85 Richard Sanders–76 Richard “Rick” Springthorpe(“Springfield”)–67 Shelley Long–67 Jon “Jay” Mohr–46 Scott Caan–40 Kobe Bryant–38 ; 1904 – The automobile tire chain is patented ; 1926 – Silent film star Rudolph Valentino died at age 31

Happy Birthday RIP Helene “Leni” Riefenstahl(1902–2003) Ray Bradbury(1920–2012) ; Valerie Harper–77 Cynthia Williams–69 Myra “Tori” Amos–53 Richard Armitage–45 Kristen Wiig–43 ; 1902 – Cadillac Motor Company is founded ; 1902 – President Theodore Roosevelt became the first United States chief executive to ride in an automobile in public

Happy Birthday Kenneth Rogers–78 Patricia McCormack(Russo)–71 Kim Cattrall–60 Carrie-Anne Moss–49 Alicia Witt–41 Hayden Panettiere–27 ; 1897 – Oldsmobile, a brand of American automobile was founded ; 1959 – President Eisenhower signed an executive order proclaiming Hawaii the 50th state of the union

Happy Birthday RIP Theodore Bergman(“Alan Reed” 1907–1977) Isaac Hayes(1942–2008) ; Donald King–85 Constance “Connie” Chung-Povich(宗毓華)–70 Robert Plant–68 Albert “Al” Roker Jr–62 Joan Allen–60 James Marsters–54 Amy Adams–42 Benjamin Barnes–35 ; 1920 – First commercial radio station, 8MK (now WWJ), begins operations in Detroit, Michigan

Happy Birthday RIP Eugene Roddenberry(1921–1991) ; Diana Muldaur–78 Jill St. John(Oppenheim)–76 William Jefferson Blythe III(Bill Clinton)–70 Mary “Tipper” Gore–68 Jonathan Frakes–64 Peter Gallagher–61 John Stamos–53 Kyra Sedgwick–51 Kevin Dillon–51 Matthew Perry–47 ; 1909 – The first automobile race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway ; 1929 – The comedy “Amos ‘n’ Andy” made its network radio debut on NBC ; 2004 – Internet search engine Google went public

Happy Birthday RIP Max Factor, Jr.(1904–1996) “Shelley Winters”(Shirley Schrift 1920–2006) Patrick Swayze(1952–2009) ; Eleanor Rosalynn Carter–89 “Roman Polanski”(Rajmund Liebling)–83 Charles Robert Redford Jr.–80 Martin Mull–73 Elayne Boosler–64 Denis Leary–59 Christian Slater–47 Edward Norton–47 Malcolm-Jamal Warner–46 Andrew “Andy” Samberg–38 ; 1868 – French astronomer Pierre Janssen discovers helium

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